What is Sila?
The Banking and Payments API for Software Teams
Written by Justin Thomas
Updated over a week ago

Sila is an API platform providing a suite of payments and identity technology APIs that are crucial in the development of fintech applications, powered by the SILA stable coin.  Developing applications that require financial technology is faster, safer, easily programmable, and more affordable with Sila. Due to Sila’s focus to provide a single regulatory compliant solution, Sila is ideal for companies in regulated industries, such as insurtech, realtytech, fintech, and cryptocurrency.

Our aim is to:

  • Reduce business costs related to sending and receiving payments.

  • Provide a reliable, easy to use API for developers.

  • Decrease go-to market times for emerging applications.

  • Enable developers to access a regulatory compliant KYC tools.

  • Make bank account linking as easy as user-name and passphrase.

  • Bridge the gap between the old financial world and the new one.

  • Ensure our customers love working with us and our developer tools.

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