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Is Sila a Stripe alternative?
Is Sila a Stripe alternative?
Understanding the similarities and differences between Stripe and Sila.
Written by Justin Thomas
Updated over a week ago

Sila is similar to Stripe in that both companies are payment processors. There are a few key differences.

First, we do not currently offer credit card processing. We do however offer payments processing via ACH.

For that reason, we are most similar to Stripe ACH from a product standpoint, with a few key differences.

Stripe ACH standard fees are 0.80%, capped at $5. The Sila starter plan is 0.60%, capped at $4, with the ability to cap transactions as low as $0.10 in our Scale plan.

Stripe ACH processing times are 5 business days. Sila ACH processing is 2 business days for ACH debit and 1 business day for ACH credit.

We also offer same day ACH processing for an additional $0.20 fee per transaction

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