Prohibited Products, Services and Methods of Selling

Sila can not accept customers that offer these types of products, services, or methods of selling due to some companies being more liable to fraud, more exposed to high disputes & chargeback rates, and only legal when complying with some specific laws or rules.

Adult Entertainment Businesses

Aircraft Dealers

All Firearms/Ammunition Sales

Cannabis Oil/Products

Choice of Law

Fiat Currency Exchange Businesses

Escort Services or Encounter Groups/Clubs

Fireworks Sales



Marijuana or Illicit Drugs

Massage Parlors (not associated with salons/chiropractic care)

Nested Payment Processors

Offshore Businesses

Online or Personal Dating Services

Online Tobacco/e-cigarettes/e-liquid Sales

Products/Services deemed Illegal by any level of Government

Pyramid Schemes/Multiple Level Sales

Shell Corporations

Tattoo Parlors

Tax Anticipation Programs

Transaction Types prohibited by Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover


Unfair, Predatory, or Deceptive Practices/Goods

“Pseudo” Products

Merchant Travel Agencies/Tour Operators/Charters/Tours/Travel Packages

Telecom Equipment/Sales/Services; Computer

Network Services/ISPs

Drug and Proprietaries Merchants/Stores/Pharmacies

Direct Marketing in Travel/Catalog Sales/Outbound or Inbound Telemarketing/Subscriptions/Other Radio or

Television Sales

Cigar Shops/Tobacco Product Merchants

Timeshare Leases or Sales

Dating Services

Video Rental

Video Games and Arcades

Government Services

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