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How to Link Bank Accounts in the Sila API
How to Link Bank Accounts in the Sila API

Sila is an official partner of Plaid and utilizes Auth, Balance, and Identity in the Sila API.

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Link Bank Accounts in the Sila API

On the client side of your application, integrate Plaid Link and then obtain the public token from your user's interaction with the interface. Then send it to our /link_account API endpoint.

You will need to use our Plaid public key when calling /link_account.


You don't need a Plaid subscription to use Sila, but if you would like to use your own Plaid public key let us know.

Responses at the /link_account are synchronous, meaning that a success response indicates a successfully-linked bank account.

Important: In July 2020, Plaid introduced link_token which is not yet supported. Visit Plaid - Maintain Legacy Integrations to learn more.

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